Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Week 19

Week 19. The week I really realized how huge and how big of a spectacle I've become. 
I always carry straight out front and excessively large and two babies has just amplified this.

We started out the week with Adelie's FIRST official week of 4's preschool!  She loves school and its so fun seeing her light up and scamper around those hallways! Aria on the other hand is quite distraught she doesn't get to stay and play at school. If she could start tomorrow, she would be ready.

It's becoming more challenging to keep up with everything kids, work, house, life ha especially when if takes me a solid few hours to get going in the morning. I wake up early but my body physically will not let me go. I stand for 3 minutes then need to lay down. On repeat. Until my body catches up to the demands of blood distribution red flags send me right back down. Babies are becoming much more active and I can decipher who is doing what, which is mind blowing.
A on my left and B on my right.
Brandon and I traveled to Chicago this past weekend to celebrate our good friends gorgeous wedding! Getting back to my intro statement-Walking around a big city for a few days reminded me just how large I was getting. You would have thought the majority of the population of Chicago had a kink in their neck. I couldnt even tell you the number of times someone asked me When I was due, assuming I'd say "tomorrow!" Then I'd have to fake laugh and explain that I would actually be meeting the precious cargo in January maybe December. However, despite the looks and repetitive conversations the huge belly does wonders for special treatment ;) Everyone feels sorry for the large pregnant chick.
The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the food was amazing. SNS ate it all.
Day two of our 4 day get away I received a phone call that Adelie's hand was super swollen and they suspected a bite or a sting. After 24 hours of rotating benydryl and ice they managed to get a hold of the situation, but being in another state while your baby is having medical issues is rough and thought consuming! Throw in pregnancy hormones and oyvey. Sunday morning couldn't come soon enough and all of my babies were back in my arms and didn't leave the whole day.
Jumping to this morning, I head in for another ultrasound and follow up apt. Praying these chickadees are still growing at the same rate and all levels look good! Having ultrasounds every two weeks will definitely make this last leg go fast! Can't wait to see these babies on the big screen!

Adelie's first day of Preschool!!!

Windows have been placed for our basement reno!!

 My dad was inducted into our hall of fame at my high school!
We scored these Twin beds for FREE.99 Getting pretty excited for them to share a room!!

 Funny story-I actually ordered the above dress to wear to the wedding. Sent this picture to Brandon asking for his honest opinion. His response? "Um. Well it's pretty out there"
Heard. Ordered a new dress from Asos and shipped it 2day to our hotel-THANK GOD it made it ;)

Dress #2

He's so handsome.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Week 18

Halfway! Officially!
Modi twins are delivered no later than 36weeks because of the risk associated with sharing a placenta. That means babiesmaybenamed will be here in about 3 months! Three months until we become a family of 6 and last minute Target runs will take days of preparation and a few extra adults. 
We've made the decision to keep their names a secret until they're here which, if you know me, secrets are not super easy for me to keep haha
This whole week was spent recovering from my weekend of overdoing it.  Finally feeling semi normal again mid week, I'll be taking it easy from here on out.  Wednesday was the BIG scan, and everything look absolutely wonderful! Both babies are growing right on track at 7oz each. They were only a few grams off which was amazing to hear! It was so incredibly cool to see them sandwiched in there, knowing they'll only get more smooshed and chubbier. (Trying not to think about the whole getting as large as a whale aspect) I also think they sorta look like Aria!  Baby A (which is closest to my cervix) is head down and on the left side, Baby B is on the right side and breech currently. Lots of time to flip but in the event B stays breech, as long as A is head down I am giving the green light to go naturally. Absolutely terrified to have a c-section and will do anything and everything in my power to avoid one.
I was supposed to have a doctors appointment immediately following that 2hr ultrasound but unfortunately my doctor was called out for a delivery and I had to reschedule for the following week to discuss results and game plan! It's scans every two weeks from here on out because I'm considered high risk, which will make this last half go super fast! 
Tasks on the doc coming up? Painting the nursery, upgrading Aria to a big girl bed and getting as much done for these munchkins asap,  as I know I'm borderline couch bound. 

 They weren't kidding when they said Twin Ultrasounds gave you the hook up! Two whole envelopes of pictures!!

 Baby B + Baby A

 Fresh pedi with Amelia-If someone could just give me a pedi all day long, that'd be greaattt
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Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 12-17

Miss me? Lack of blog posting was due to the fact that 
a. These babies are literally beating me up from the inside.
b.I'm behind on life
c. I let negative comments about blogging get to me.
I do not have the toughest skin and it made me second guess my blogging. Why do I blog? To keep a living journal and baby book for my kids. Sure I take pictures and post to social media, but this is a cataloged collection of their growth and the special moments we've shared. I enjoy going back through these posts and seeing how everyone has changed, how I've changed as a mom and most importantly the girls love looking back at their baby pictures. I've received so many sweet messages asking me to come back and are curious how I'm holding up with this twin pregnancy-so here I am.
I'm Back.
Getting back to points A & B which are directly correlated haha
Starting at about week 13ish I became completely aware just how straining this pregnancy would actually be. I was blessed with two completely easy pregnancies with A+A. I mean, I was shooting weddings 9 months pregnant with both of them! Now granted I am measuring about 6w ahead- my insides are straining super hard to keep up with these growing munchkins. It's gotten sort of scary a few times this past weekend included when I completely OVERDID it. Fever and pain I cant even describe. It was a huge wake up call to stop trying to do everything and relax. Looks like I'll be staying near my couch for the remainder of this pregnancy.  
In the gap I missed out blogging on, we found out that we are having 
Identical twin Girls 
We get to see them on Wednesday for our halfway 18week scan. This is the super long detailed scan of both babies to check anatomy and fluid levels. It's at this apt. that we will determine if I can continue to be seen at my doctors or be transferred to the high risk doctors. At this point I am considered semi high risk, as I am carrying mo-di twins. 
Refresher course: The babies are in the same sac with a thin membrane separating them and they share the same placenta.
 I will also start to be seen every two weeks for an ultrasound and doctors appointment. So we'll be getting LOTS of looks at these cuties-hopefully one of those ultrasounds will spark some creativity in the name dept. because as of today they are nameless. No maybe names. None we can agree on.
We had two girls names and two boys names picked out. I had zero girl names on the reserve.

In other news our basement is currently under construction as we're finishing it, so the nursery (which they will share) is on the back burner. I have a theme/colors/ideas but as of today, nothing has been done. I have a pile of baby gear in boxes stacked in the corner and a rainbow striped wall from when I thought all my lularoe would fit in a bedroom(big HAHA)
In case you are unaware, the first two rooms in my house are floor to ceiling lularoe. Hysterical I ever though that it would ever fit in the upstairs bedroom.
 I could go on and on about the 6 weeks I missed blogging about but how better to explain it than to show you in pictures :)
Week 12 

 Week 13
Lularoe convention in California

Week 14

 Week 15

 seven year anniversary :)
Week 16 

 Week 17

 Cravings: Spicy, pasta, dairy, Tacos typical normal cravings ;)
Movement: Yes! Started feeling jabs around 13w
Overall feeling: so pregnant.
Guesstimate on arrival: Late December, early Jan. Hoping for NOT Christmas babies ;)